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The Bricksleek Legal is Solution-Oriented

For every additional person that understands the law, the society is a better place, for every one person that can easily access the law, the value in the law is enhanced. – Moyosore Saka
Everyone deserves to know, understand and have access to the law and the rights contained in it. – Moyosore Saka


The Bricksleek Legal

Founded in 2015, registered in Nigeria, West Africa, started with legal advisory and drafting. TBL has grown significantly with digitalisation to cover many other areas, as well as increase the scope of impact.



Simplifying law through conversations, and increasing the legal understanding in the African Continent.



Creating a platform to facilitate interaction between experts and you. A platform where experts can provide guidance on your everyday need.

“A law is valuable, not because it is a law, but because there is right in it.”

henry ward beecher

Who is behind Bricksleek?

Meet The Founder

Moyosore Saka, MBA, LLM, B.L, LL.B

Moyosore has expertise in commercial law, business development, strategic planning, management and negotiations.

Moyosore believes that the law is designed for the benefit of everyone, and should be understood not only by lawyers, but by you also.

With a wealth of experience in different areas of law and business, Moyosore advises both private individuals and corporate entities on several issues touching on her expertise.

Moyosore has law degrees from both Nigeria and the United Kingdom, as well as Business degrees from Switzerland.

"Everyone deserves to know, understand and have access to the law and the rights contained in it.”
Moyosore Saka

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